Four Decades of Catching and Canning: The Secret to Mega Global’s Success

June 8, 2020

Innovation leads to progress. Coupled with fierce determination, hard work, and the Filipino virtue of malasakit throughout its 45-year history, Mega Global has managed to overcome the ups and downs of the Philippine economy over the past four decades to become the number one sardine brand in the Philippines.

Mega Global has recognized that sardines are a staple in Filipino households. Because of this, it has continuously endeavored to enhance its processes to ensure that it produces only the highest quality sardines for consumers, in good times and in bad. For instance, the company continued operations despite the limitations posed by Enhanced Community Quarantine, mindful that it had to meet the surge in demand for canned goods during the crisis.

In order to continue providing the highest quality sardines, Mega Global has focused on supporting the fishing community through constant innovation. Aside from its signature 12-hour catching-to-canning technique – an innovative technique that shortens the entire process to ensure freshness and quality – the company also takes part in Zero-Waste manufacturing, strict compliance with the yearly 3-month fishing ban.

These efforts allow Mega Global to not only provide Filipinos with only the best and freshest products, but also showcases the company’s malasakit towards its customers, its people, the fishermen, and the environment. “We have always been proud of our fishing technologies and practices and continue to find ways to innovate. This is something that we can truly say is tatak Mega Global. Throughout the years, we’ve only been providing high quality products that are healthier, tastier, and affordable to Filipino homes,” said Vice President for Sales and Marketing Mr. Marvin Tiu Lim.

As the Philippines enters the new normal, Mega Global is determined to pursue its growth plans. Over the past 45 years, the company has grown and served a lot of Filipino families with its expansion to different products such as Mega Tuna, Mega Prime, and Mega Creations. Malasakit is deeply embedded in their DNA, and it drives them to do more for those who need their products. As it focuses on its growth, Mega Global will continue to nurture its employees, with an eye to nurture them both professionally and personally.

In line with their anniversary celebration, Mega Global will also pursue its ongoing efforts to assist the community, with initiatives it has undertaken over the years such as medical missions, cooking sessions for mothers, donation drives, and the Mega Sustansya feeding program for undernourished children.

“As we mark our 45th anniversary, Mega Global once again reaffirms its commitment to be an innovative, forward-looking, and caring company that will work for the health and well-being of all Filipinos, while at the same time employing sustainable practices that will benefit all of us, now and in the future,” Mr. Tiu Lim concluded.

For more information and updates, connect with Mega Global through their official website and Facebook Page.

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