PANA’s 2020 officers focus on developing Brands that Build the Nation

February 10, 2020

The Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) is poised to achieve new milestones following the election of its 2020 officers and directors, led by its new president, Marvin Tiu Lim, concurrently the Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Mega Global.

Also elected were Adi Timbol of Golden Arches Development Corporation (Vice-President); Blen Fernando of Magna Anima Teachers College (Corporate Secretary); Ken Lerona of Entrego Fulfillment Solutions (Auditor); Rose Joy Jolingan of Nestle Philippines (Treasurer); and Viki Encarnacion of Watsons Personal Care Stores (Philippines), Inc. (Treasurer). Elected as directors were Mary Julie Balarbar of De La Salle University; Anna Legarda-Locsin of Procter & Gamble Philippines; Reynante delos Reyes (Rebisco Group of Companies) and Grace Fornier-Magno of Shopping Center Management Corp.

Tiu Lim, working with PANA’s new leadership, aims to bring to life the organization’s 2020 theme of Brands that Build the Nation. With PANA as the leader in the industry, Tiu Lim understands that the organization plays a key role in strategic industry directions. As such, they are committed to innovating and developing the industry to also affect change in nation-building. The 2020 theme supports PANA’s vision to promote effective, truthful and responsible marketing communications by championing consumer protection, championing self – regulation, values formation and the advancement of the practice of marketing communications to global standards, especially among its 300-strong members. With Mega Global’s lead in the organization, this will be done by focusing on strategic efforts: education for brand builders, consumer protection through responsible advertising, and industry development through brand building. Tiu Lim aims to provide greater support to SMEs and smaller brands, not only within PANA but in the business world in general.

Having worked at the forefront of Mega Global’s efforts to transform the company into one of the most dynamic enterprises and the top sardine manufacturer in the Philippines, Tiu Lim recognizes the importance of these strategic efforts. Leveraging the use of technology and innovation, such as Mega Global’s innovative catching-to-canning fish pump process, Tiu Lim used digital and traditional communications to bring attention to the valiant work of fishermen in bringing the freshest sardines to people. This not only built the Mega Global brand, but also the lives of the fishing community and the stature of the Philippine fishing industry.

In this oath-taking speech, Tiu Lim emphasized the important roles that brands play in the lives of people, and in the overarching goal of nation building. These goals will be pursued through PANA’s 2020 thrusts that include being inclusive with SMEs, family businesses, corporations, multinationals, collaborating with industry partners, sustained communications, involving the youth, and stronger involvement of members. Tiu Lim added that he would work towards providing current members with more opportunities to learn and innovate through elevating PANA communications, e-learning, and networking.

“This is an exciting time for us in the Philippine business. PANA is in a strategic position to be of service not only to its members but also to the nation. PANA aims to support SMEs, so that they can be equipped with the proper tools and services in order to make them grow, and so that they can enjoy a level playing field with larger brands. This will also cover wider product categories deviating from the traditional food and personal care. We have to remember that SMEs promote healthy competition and growth, and without them, the money will not flow to the grassroots,” said Tiu Lim.

Inclusive brand marketing will be a priority for PANA as it stresses that members should aspire to #InvolveToEvolve. “By being inclusive, SMEs and big corporations can share best practices and innovative business models, especially those that represent every business. By promoting sustainability and community-building, we encourage practices that benefit not only our brands but the environment and communities as well. With the right marketing tools, coupled with a thirst for knowledge and learning, we can focus on creating a nation of brands that edify and build – not just the economy, but also communities and society in general,” he concluded.

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