Mega Global Expanding On Expected Exponential Growth on its 45th Year and Beyond

June 5, 2020

Growth on its 45th Year and Beyond

Mega Global Inc., producer of the Philippines’ top sardines brand, is embarking on the biggest expansion in its 45 years of operation amid a sustained double-digit growth in domestic demand for its canned goods even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The company is poised for further exponential growth. Demand has been outstripping supply for the past five years,” said Mr. William Tiu Lim, Founder and CEO of Mega Global. “We will continue to strive to be a solid quality food provider for the Filipino.”

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed Mega Global’s factories to the limit,  producing 2 million canned goods everyday to meet not only the increased requirement of its loyal customers but more so to help in the national effort to combat the dreaded disease, feed frontliners, and care for its employees and their families, as well as the community.

“Whenever there is a calamity or a national emergency, we go into overdrive, knowing that the cans of sardines we produce may be what would sustain our kababayans for days. This is the culture of malasakit (empathy) that has been ingrained in us over these four decades,” said Mr. Tiu Lim.

In celebration of its 45th anniversary, Mega Global will continue to give back  to the community by donating more canned goods and medical supplies to sustain the effort against COVID-19, and pursuing projects to ensure the health of their employees and their families, as well as business partners such as promodiser.

To show its gratitude and support to frontliners, the Mega Malasakit Kitchen continues to provide home-cooked meals to the men and women in the trenches, especially those who operate services that serve the community during the lockdown. By far, the Mega Malasakit Kitchen has distributed more than 40,000 meals to checkpoints officers, barangay health workers and volunteers, supermarket staff, bank staff, security guards and street dwellers.

Mega Global already employs 4,000 workers around the country and is looking to create more with its plan to set up more factories,  innovate more manufacturing processes and build more fishing vessels to aid the government in its push to revive the economy post-pandemic.

The sardines producer, which also exports its products worldwide, owns the largest fishing fleet in the Philippines that allows the company to keep its trademark 12-hour catching-to-canning process; and has distribution and regional distribution hubs strategically located in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

In recent years, Mega Global has also expanded its line of products to more categories such as Mega Tuna, Mega Prime, and Mega Creations, all of which were also included in different donations.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented Mega Global logistical and other challenges to operations that taught the company valuable lessons as it marches towards its golden year.

“Our plans, especially our marketing programs, are no longer applicable. We have to be able to act fast and apply changes that we need to adapt to the situation, help the community, and address consumers’ needs. Our plans moving forward from this pandemic should be future-ready and flexible,” Mr. Tiu Lim said.

Consistent strong demand even before COVID -19 has pushed production to keep expanding and adding capacity to both canning and fishing operations.

Even as its work force grows, Mega Global continues to treat each of its employees as family. The company focuses not only on its employees’ professional but on their personal growth and well being.

As the COVID-19 crisis forced the government to impose a community quarantine, Mega Global carried on various programs, including strict safety protocols in its factories and warehouses, to ensure its workers and their families stayed healthy and safe. Work-for-home arrangements were adapted where it is feasible.

“We have effectively managed our stocks to be able to provide to the public goods that they need and still support causes to alleviate the crisis,” said Mr. Tiu Lim.

Aside from donating its canned goods, the company also earmarked millions to provide frontline workers with personal protective equipment, opened Mega Malasakit Kitchens to serve hot meals, and brought care packages to store merchandisers and distributor sales personnel.

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