Mega Global Corporation’s President & CEO Recognized at the 2015 Agora Awards

January 22, 2016

Manila, Philippines – William Tiu Lim, President and CEO of Mega Global Corporation has been recognized at the 2015 Agora Awards last November 11, 2015. He was given the Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship – Large Scale award for his excellent contributions to the marketing field.

Heading the Mega Global operations since 1995, William Tiu Lim has his vision set on making the corporation one of the leading manufacturer and distributor of canned goods. He started with one fishing vessel and today, the company has 65 fishing vessels in operation making Mega Global one of the largest commercial fishing groups in the country.

He has seen the company work its way up the industry ladder by providing high-quality, value-for-money products and bringing forth improvement and innovation in fishing, food technology and packaging. One of the many things that Mega Global is very proud of is their “12-hour-Catching-to-Canning’ trademark, a fishing process completed in 12 hours from the time the fishes are caught up to the time they are canned ensuring freshness and high-quality in every can.

The 12-Hours Catching-to-Canning Process

Over the years, Mega Global Corporation has established a strong foothold among varying markets across the country and also a firm place in the Filipino household with their extensive line of products—Mega Creations, Mega Tuna, Valley Farm and Oh My Ulam!, and most especially Mega Sardines.

Mega Global Corporation’s extensive line of products

Mega Sardines is one of the leading sardines brands in the country and has remained dominant in the domestic market offering the freshest and healthiest option for the Filipino consumer. With the knowledge that consumers value freshness in the products they buy, Mega Global created a series of compelling integrated marketing campaigns for Mega Sardines. A strong marketing campaign, outstanding product quality and value, and point of sales excellence made a great equation that resulted to Mega Sardines becoming the Brand Used Most Often (BUMO) and Top of Mind, adding to that an undeniable growth in volume and market share.

True to its testament in putting first what the consumer needs and providing latest trends and development in food technology, Mega Global was the first to launch the easy-open-can with their sardines brand providing the market a quick and convenient way of preparing their food. In no time, competitors followed suit and joined the EOC bandwagon.

With the consumers’ continuous interest in the product in mind, Mega Global has also launch another marketing campaign for Mega Sardines focusing on the product’s feature as a special ingredient to a variety of home-cooked dishes, therefore emphasizing its versatile quality as a culinary recipe with their “Sari-sari ang Sarap” campaign.

Mega Sardines’ Sari-sari ang Sarap campaign featuring Ryzaa Mae Dizon

With his eyes set on continuing to be the best brand locally and globally, Tiu Lim has expressed his commitment to go beyond borders in providing only the best to the market, armed with strong integrated marketing campaigns for all the Mega Global products.

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