Mega Global awarded as 2021 Agora Marketing Company of the Year

November 11, 2021

MANILA, Philippines; October 29, 2021– Backed by innovation fueled by purpose as its belief system, and malasakit as its core value, Mega Global Corporation was awarded this year’s 41st Agora Marketing Company of the Year award. The recognition applauds Mega Global’s efforts to produce high-quality and value-for-money food products that are considered staples in the Filipino families’ households.

Held this October 27 in Okada Manila, Mega Global Corporation’s Chief Growth and Development Officer Marvin Tiu Lim personally accepted the award for their company’s recognized efforts in the marketing field.

“Perhaps in this recognition, what we are most proud of is elevating the humble sardines to an accessible source of nutrition to many, through our National Sardines Day campaign. We will use this to further our cause in uplifting the nutrition of the Filipinos by continuing to innovate, and by providing high quality and value-for-money food products that can be accessible to all. We commit to continue our efforts for nation-building, so we can bring back growth and development for the Philippines,” Marvin Tiu Lim said in his speech after he accepted the recognition.

For 46 years since its founding, Mega Global Corporation has continuously evolved through innovation and has expanded its efforts to deliver more food and flavors that bring families together including Mega Tuna, Mega Prime, Mega Mackerel, Mega Sardines, and Primo Sparkling Juice. Apart from its consistently growing portfolio of products that have become staples in many Filipino households, Mega Global has also continuously pushed the boundaries of marketing.

The company is also consistent in being the Filipino moms’ partner in taking care of their families. From its practical tips and recipes that ensure proper nutrition for everyone, to its Tatak Barko campaign that showcased the safety and innovation of Mega products’ canning process, Mega Global continues to implement initiatives that highlight the importance of nutrition, particularly its flagship product sardines, in family building.

“Milestones like this only serve as motivation for the company to continuously innovate, delivering positive impact to the Filipino kitchen and beyond. Our core value, malasakit, is also our number one driver in providing affordable good food not just to our customers, but to the communities we belong to as well,” Marvin Tiu Lim added.

True to its commitment to providing only the best for the Filipinos, Mega Global has consistently demonstrated its malasakit efforts through its annual Mega Bigay Sustansya Program that aims to provide nutritious meals with sardines as its main ingredient, for underfed children in indigent communities. Through this, Mega Global aims to help build healthy foundations all throughout the country, one sardine meal at a time. Growing the project into a legacy program, Mega Global is once again running the third year of Mega Bigay Sustansya this 2021. All these efforts contribute to Mega Global’s success, with its innovation-driven mindset underlined by the company’s core value of malasakit.

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