Cooking Made One Step Easier with Mega Prime

April 18, 2017

Mega Global has recently launched Mega Prime Quality, the company’s newest product offering for moms-on-the-go.  With a vision to be every mother’s cooking partner in the kitchen, Mega Prime aims to commit itself towards a rewarding cooking experience for contemporary, “start-up” Filipino mommies who have to deal with the pressures of adapting to modern lifestyle, hectic schedules and nurturing her household. Above all, these new, quality canned vegetables products come in easy-to-open cans.

Less buck, less mess in the kitchen

Mega Prime is the newest member of the Mega Global family, makers of Mega Sardines and known for providing the Filipino family with high-quality, value-for-money products, and other assortments of canned goods. Mothers everywhere are assured that the Mega Prime product line provides quality canned vegetables that are within their budget and in convenient and innovative packaging, giving them better their cooking experience with less hassle and less mess in the kitchen.

Every mom’s new BFF

Mega Prime understands that Filipina moms are very meticulous with everything that they serve to their families. With this in mind, mothers are assured that every can of Mega Prime contains ingredients that are carefully harvested and processed to preserve the authenticity of the product. The complete selection of high-quality canned vegetables—green peas, mushrooms, and corn, burst with freshness thus adding nutritional value, depth of flavor, and appetizing appeal to various dishes that moms prepare, making them the best chefs for their families.

Without the worry of the tedious task of cleaning, washing and cutting vegetables from scratch, the easy-to-open Mega Prime products definitely makes cooking one step easier, giving moms, especially the “start-up” ones, more time for their loved ones and themselves than spend it all in the kitchen.

Chef Nino Logarta  and Mega Prime

Mega Prime also partnered with renowned chef, Chef Nino Logarta, whose expertise in International Cuisine is well known in the industry.  “Chef Nino is the embodiment of a modern chef with his stints as partner chef of celebrity moms in various cooking shows and segments where he guested. Mega Prime has the same vision, to provide and guide moms, especially the “start-up moms”, with the cooking know-how, tips and skills needed to turn them into savvy chefs in their own right, turning the simplest food preparations into extraordinary and appetizing meals for their loved ones.”, exclaimed Raymund Alegre, Mega Prime Brand Manager.

Chef Nino Logarta has exclusive recipes developed especially for Mega Prime that can be seen in Mega Prime’s Facebook page.

About Mega Prime Quality

Mega Prime Quality  is the newest product from Mega Global offering complete array of high quality products — green peas, mushrooms and corn, to turn the simplest of recipes to hearty, delicious and delectable meals for the entire family.

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